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Customers Results and Testimonials from our clients

Here is a very small but representative range of people who we have taught to trade forex. Many, if not all of them are happy to speak to prospective traders. Just let us know if you want to contact any of them. Our customers’ results are outstanding.

In the examples that follow you will see how our training has positively affected people’s lives.

I am Angela; I retired in 2012 from my job in an Accountants office. My disabled husband and I have been able to live as well as ever and have been able to take more holidays than ever. He is trading too now! It is all down to the Making Money with forex course
I am a flooring installer, self-employed, and last year was very lean in terms of getting work. Thankfully, I used the Making Money with forex course to learn how to trade and have managed to keep a roof over my head as a result – the best money I have ever spent. Gordon
My name is Angus and I am in my 70’s. Learning to trade forex with the Making Money with Forex course is the best training i have had since my apprenticeship! I have introduced several friends to it and not one has been disappointed.
I am a practicing pharmacist and very busy. However, i decided to learn to trade as a bit of a hobby. I have not looked back since and have found it extraordinarily good. the support is no less than fantastic – name with-held by request.
I’m Colin and I decided to retire early from the NHS. I can have a better income and more free time as a result of learning to trade with Making money With Forex
As a serving Police Officer, working shifts, i only have limited time available to trade and it occurs at almost random times of the day and on different days of the week. Even so, having used Making Money With Forex to train, I cover the cost of running a nice car and all of my holidays. It’s great!
After learning to trade using Making money With Forex, I am now so confident that I have put my pension pot into a trading account and it is doing very well indeed. The pension would have been a waste of space without this, thank goodness I found out about it. Pete

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