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How To Trade Forex - Original 2013 Edition
How To Trade Forex - Original 2013 Edition
The complete Courses on Forex training package. Suitable for beginners and experts alike. Includes unique tools such as the Rule of Thirds and Jeff's lines. Whether you are new to forex or just want to improve your performane, you need this! Note - the 2015 completely updated edition will be available soon - but not at this price!

Our Forex course, which is called Making Money With Forex, is a complete, stand-alone course. It takes beginners through everything they need to know. However, because our trading methods and techniques are absolutely unique, the course is regularly purchased by experienced and even professional traders. If you have tried trading forex but have lost money, this is the course for you too. Follow it closely and you need never lose money ever again! In outline, the core training that we provide in respect of forex trading is as shown below:

The Forex Course – Making Money With Forex

  1. Create a basic understanding of what forex trading is
  2. Develop knowledge of the terminology of forex trading
  3. Currency pair selection
  4. Fundamental understanding of buy and sell trades
  5. Tools for determining when to enter and exit trades
  6. The MT4 trading platform
  7. Jeff’s lines
  8. Rule of thirds
  9. Bollinger Bands
  10. News trading
  11. Protecting capital without closing trades at a loss
  12. Size and number of concurrent trades
  13. Defensive techniques
  14. Practicing in a safe environment
  15. Trading Plans and records
  16. Supported live trading
  17. Going solo with ground control support
  18. Advanced trading techniques

Some aspects of our Forex course are fairly standard and would be similar in content to the output of any reasonable forex trading course provider. However, the delivery style sets ours apart from the offerings of competitors. The pace, tone and clarity go well beyond the normal offerings of such providers.

In addition, with all material being covered by the DVD’s and the well written, comprehensive course guide, the material can be covered at your own pace. In addition, the format allows rewind, pause and fast forward making it an excellent revision tool.

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