The big five myths of forex trading

At Courses on Forex we have always made a strong point of finding our own ways to trade Now we have put together a method which goes all the way to dispelling the big five myths of forex trading.

The myths are:

  • Trading currency is difficult – We have a unique tool that has given the correct direction (buy or sell) for EVERY POSSIBLE (GBPUSD) trade that could possibly have been placed in the past 11 years.
  • It is very risky – We DO NOT USE STOP LOSS ORDERS. instead we hedge our trades if they go against us and come out of all trades in profit.
  • It is time consuming – Our live trading experiment has, at the time of writing, involved only seven trades in 30 weeks, a total of less than 60 minutes of trading. all trades have been winners and we are 62% up with no losses.
  • It is expensive to learn and expensive to trade – This myth has not chance! We can kill this one dead in minutes!

myth with hammerThese myths not only put too many people off earning a great income from forex trading, they also stand as one of the main reasons why so many home based Forex traders lose money!

These myths get build into the training that most traders attend. I have actually attended a seminar which could promise no-more than a 55% winning trade rate which the presenter said was “enough to give an edge”.

I had to stand up and let him know that I had a run of well over 1,000 trades without ANY LOSS whatsoever!

In September 2014 I will be presenting a series of short videos, completely free of charge, that tackles and “busts” each of these myths in turn. Stand by for more information, very soon.

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Jeff Fitzpatrick

Probably the UK's most successful home Forex trader