Forex Magazine and digital publishing – my next project – and an opportunity for you

Forex Magazine and digital publishing – my next project – and an opportunity for you

This Autumn I intend to launch a monthly online magazine that will be sold through the iTunes newsstand. This is my first move in a Forex Magazine and digital publishing – my next project and an opportunity for you. The publication will include:

  • Forex training seminars.
  • News trading insights.
  • Featured tips, tools, techniques and indicators.
  • Digest of articles and material from across the web.
  • Reader offers.

This a great news but how is it an opportunity for you?

Opportunity #1 – You can get a lifetime subscription for an incredibly low investment.

Opportunity #2 – Your subscription will include membership of a profit share programme.

50% of the profit from this magazine will be distributed to those who take up this offer, for as long as the magazine is published. That’s right, over time not only can you expect your money back but you will also see a profit. The profit will come from subscription sales, course sales, advertising sales and any other income stream that the magazine develops.

Checkout the iTunes store and Newsstand to see how little competition there is and watch this video to find out how brilliant these opportunities really are:

So, what is this going to cost?

You will need to make an investment of just £150.00

However, you can have more of the action if you want it! You can increase your share of the profits by increasing the amount that you put in at the beginning.

This pre-launch offer is only open until the end of August 2013. In addition, the profit share subscription is limited to an overall total of just £10,000. That could be sixty seven people at £150, one person at £10,000 or any combination in between.

Allocations will be on a first come, first served basis. So, act now if you want some of the action

To take up the £150 offer go to our store – to invest further contact me directly at

Publish you own magazine!

Have you ever thought about publishing your own magazine – on any legal topic within the bounds of public decency? Or did the video above inspire you to think that you may like to? Well now you can!

Opportunity #3 – I will show you how to publish your own magazine on any topic except forex or options. I will coach and help you until you are completely satisfied and are making money from you first magazine.

  • You don’t need to write the content unless you want to.
  • Very little technical capability required.

Opportunity #4 – You will be able to publish your own magazines at a fraction of the cost of going it alone through my Joint Venture programme.

All you will need to do is gather and prepare the content.

You don’t even need a Mac, iPad, iPhone or any other apple device or a website.

I will handle the technicalities on converting your files into a publishable format and will upload your magazine to the newsstand

So what will opportunities #3 and #4 cost?

The investment is expected to be around £75 (+VAT) per month + 50% of the profit thereafter.

More about Digital Publishing

We are in a time of revolution in the field of publishing. The publishing industry is moving online and a unique opportunity exists right now. It exists because we are still at the beginning of this revolution. Our window of opportunity is in iTunes and it is called Newsstand. Every iPad and iPhone comes with newsstand installed and 600 Million people are already accessing newsstand’s 7,000 or so publications. 7,000 is a tiny number and there is scope for a huge number of additional publications in a fantastic range of topics.

To access the market you don’t need to advertise, you don’t need to build a list, you don’t need a website, Facebook page, Twitter account or any other social networking membership and you don’t even need an iPad, iPhone or other Apple device.

Some numbers:

This short video tells the story through a brief history of personal computing:

How can you and I take advantage of the publishing revolution?

It is much easier than you think. Watch this very short video to begin to understand just how much anyone can achieve, very quickly, putting your publication next to the largest sellers on the biggest newsstand in the world:

Quality presentation

It is now easy to produce a highly professional looking online magazine. There is an almost unlimited supply of high quality materials and images available to use on the internet that is royalty free and that can be used by anyone in publications.

Finding content

My next video shows not only how easy it is to get royalty free content but how easy it is, using templates, to make it look professional:

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