icon-4 magnifying glassOur methods of trading Forex as taught within the Making Money With Forex home study course are a proven process for growing a capital sum or creating an income from a very small base using only a small amount of time per week and safe, easily understood trading methods.

Our methods: Beyond Industry best practice

However, there are several of our methods of trading that other courses are actually missing or worse still, that they are getting totally wrong. These errors are causing people to lose money and are damaging to the reputation of forex trading as an income generator.

No Stop Loss Orders

Risk diceProbably the best example of such an error is one which is common to EVERY seminar, webinar, book, blog and article that our extensive searching has been able to identify. This is promoted, as “best practice”. What it actually is, is the abandonment of trades when they go wrong and it is known as using “stop loss” orders.

The stop loss order waits until a predetermined maximum level of loss has been arrived at and then closes the order to solidify or crystallise the loss. The use of stop loss orders, as taught by our competitors, is premised on the trader being able to win more often than they lose and on having bigger winning trades than losing trades. Our competitors frequently suggest that their training courses shift trainees from a 50:50 ratio of winners to loser up to a 55:45 ration of winners to losers and that this is “as good as can be expected”.

The system that we teach does not normally use stop loss orders, though there are some very limited applications when they can contribute to overall profitability.  Our trading strategies, techniques and tools normally operate on a no loss basis.

Our techniques are not magical. They are based on straight forward common sense. Everyone that we have taught today has recognised and acknowledged this.

Trade the news

Trade the newsScheduled news, such as changes in interest rates, brings many very good trading opportunities. The Making Money With Forex home study course will show you how to find out what scheduled news is due, how significant it is and how to trade it profitably. Our support, regular updates and live trading blog will keep you fully up to date and informed so that you need never miss a trading opportunity. We will even keep you informed as different types of news become more or less influential on prices and you will be able to see exactly how we trade each news release.

Simplicity itself

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We strongly believe that Forex trading does not have to be complicated. Through research and extensive trials we have isolated the very essence of trading. We have blown apart the myths that surround trading. For example, we only use one currency pair to trade. As far as we can see every other trainer in this field advocates using a whole range of currencies. To use each currency pair has its own unique characteristics or “personality” and it is worth getting to know intimately. It is easier to predict the behaviour of someone close to you than to predict the behaviour of a single person within a crown of people – so that is what we do!

The Remarkable Jeff’s Lines

jeffs linesYou will learn about the utterly remarkable secrets of Jeff’s Lines. These little known indicators are automatically redrawn on your trading screen every day. They act as “magnets” drawing the price action towards them and then repelling it. On more than 95% of days prices will use these lines to act as “pivot points” predicting almost exactly how far prices will move up or down before changing direction. The course material includes the unique plugin needed to place these lines on your trading screen.

The Colour of Money

rule of thirdsEveryone knows that money is made by buying cheap and selling at a higher price. However, with currency it is equally possible to sell something for a high price and then to buy it back cheaper to make a profit. The problem is recognising a high price or a low price when we see it! Our trading system colour codes the trading screen to let you know immediately whether you are in a “buy zone”, a “sell zone” or even in a “neutral zone” where both buy and sell trades are equally likely to work. Another of our unique plugins does the work for you. It is a brilliant idea and like most of the best ideas – very simple.

Lots of simple and effective unique trading techniques

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The ideas above are just a sample of those taught in the Making Money With Forex home study course. Although the material is designed to be used by people who have not traded before, it is so full of unique, simple but breath taking trading techniques that even professional traders will benefit from it.

So, what will you do next?

Have a good look around our website and blogs to learn more before deciding?